the visit

Dear Caitlin,

This weekend will be great! It’s only one person visiting. You can handle one person. Yes, you’ll have to drive and find parking. Yes, you’ll have to change your routine. Yes, you’ll have to worry about money. ¬†Yes, you’ll have to make *GASP* decisions. Does that mean you have to have a panic-attack meltdown? I hope not.

Does that mean you have to have a panic-attack meltdown? I hope not.

Remember, you have tools at your disposal. You can do yoga (you KNOW it helps you). You can take Guinness on a walk–his barking at every passing animal will be a welcome distraction.You can journal about your feelings. You can use that meditation app you downloaded six months ago. You can use Uber if you are too anxious to drive. You can use the five senses trick. You can dance it out, my friend. In the famous words of (someone?) “YOU DO YOU”.

In the meantime, why don’t you try to I don’t know maybe have fun? Enjoy brunch! Look forward to perusing Powell’s. Get excited about mountains of sushi, coffee, and donuts. It’s okay to find a little bit of happiness.

Okay, yes, Guinness might be an asshole. He’ll probably do that barking thing. But, so what? You’ll keep him in your room. You won’t be home that much anyway. The dog will do anything (literally anything) for a treat. It’s only for two nights, really. Aka YOU GOT THIS.

Anything else hanging out in this brain?

She will NOT be bored. It’s Portland. It’s the hardest city in the WORLD to be bored in. And you have wine, so, next question.

Cool. All done? You got this. You do you. Now go do some yoga or get chipotle or something.